Dr. Abu Isa Noah  - Director

The Census Department is one of the premier units in the National Population Commission and is sometimes referred to as the heart or the fulcrum of the Commission. The mission goal of the department is to be an outstanding collector and provider of timely, relevant and quality socio-demographic data about Nigeria.


The Department’s objective is built around the decennial National Population and Housing Censuses and other socio-demographic surveys while key activities include census and survey questionnaire design, data collection, analysis and dissemination.

The Census Department basic function is to ensure strategic planning and execution of National Population and Housing Censuses, and institutional surveys in collaboration with other department, or Unit established for the purpose. In this regard the department will implement the Commission’s constitutional mandate of undertaking the National Population economic and social censuses and surveys. In particular:

  1. Prepare the Census budget and work plan,
  2. Design and execute the inter-censal surveys in particular and other socio-demographic surveys that may be referred to the department
  3. Responsible for the supervision, monitoring and reporting on fieldwork connected with census enumeration, socio-demographic survey, inter-censal surveys etc.
  4. Prepare census and surveys instruments, tabulation plan
  5. Establish a population database for the dissemination of demographic information about Nigeria, and
  6. Undertake other duties that may be referred to it by the Commission.


The Department is presently structure into 4 broad but interrelated Division and work closely with other statistical agencies in particular Federal Office of statistics, Federal Ministry of Labour and the UNFPA. The four divisions are: Census Operation Division, (ii) Survey Division, (iii) Evaluation/ Analysis Division and (iv) the Dissemination and Publication Division.


A Prototype Organogram to actualize the mission goal and activities is set forth. As of now (April 2004) the overall staff strength at the Headquarters is 52. The department historically experiences high labour turnover- resulting from staff poaching by other departments within the Commission and outside agencies. It is a challenge to retain the existing highly skilled and motivated workforce.


The Census Operation Division will among other things be responsible for policy input and programes for the Decennial Census specifically:

  1. Prepare the strategic plan for National Population and Housing Census,
  2. Synergise the contributions from other Departments, Divisions and Units into a working document for the consideration of the Commission,
  3. Harmonise the Census Budget,
  4. Co-ordinate the various aspects of the census work plan, (in collaboration with other department, divisions, units and institutions that are involved in the census) to achieve the objective of the work plan.
  5. Design the Census Instruments,
  6. Prepare and execute the training programmes for census functionaries, and 
  7. And any other duties referred to it by the Director.

There will be two Branches: Census Planning the Census Instruments with an Assistance Director heading these branches


The Survey Division is responsible for the design, planning and execution of all institutional survey activities in the department. Specifically:

  1. Preparing the programmes for the Post Enumeration Survey (PES) off the Decennial National Censuses inline with the census strategic plan.
  2. Design the appropriate instruments for the purpose,
  3. Responsible for the socio-demographic surveys e.g. inter-censal surveys, commissioned surveys of various types that may be referred to it by the Director, and
  4. Any other subject referred to it by the Director.

The Division will have two branches, a PES branch and a socio-demographic survey branch. Each of the branches will be headed by an Assistant Director who reports to the Deputy Director and they will be in charge of preparing survey proposal sample design, methodology, instruments for collecting the data, tabulation etc.


The Evaluation and Analysis Division is responsible for the further Analysis of the census results and other survey conducted by the department. This is with the view to investigating the demographic dimension of a variety of social and economic issues. The Division will for now have two branches; each headed by an Assistant Director who reports directly to the Deputy Director.

  • The Evaluation Branch will undertake a quality check of the census results in particular using current and available demographic statistics techniques for the purpose.
  • Undertake monitoring visits during the census and survey exercise at each stage of their Operations and prepare advisory reports for consideration while,
  • the analysis Branch will be structured on the thematic areas, such as ageing, reproductive health, migration and Urbanization, changing family structure etc, and it will in corporate GIS to analyze the census and survey data for new perspective on the various themes, and 
  • Undertaken other assignment as directed.


The Dissemination and Publication Division is responsible for providing timely and objective information on Nigeria population, its trends and possible implications.

For this purpose, the Division will be structured to produce publication for policy makers, media and non- technical audience specifically:

  1. To answer request for data from the public,
  2. Set up a functional database, that incorporates various sources,
  3. To organize seminars/workshops (where applicable) to widely disseminate the result of the census or surveys
  4. In league with the analysis branch the division will ensure the publication of the further analysis reports of census in a users friendly format,
  5. Design the format of public: Fact- sheets, Brochures, Monographs, Briefs, Bulletin etc,
  6. Ensure the result are available in multiple media format
  7. Undertaken the commercialization of reports, data etc.
  8. Perform other schedule as directed


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